Over sixty years ago, Peter Johnson Sr. established Johnson & Moore Inc., a red ore scramming contractor working in the open pit natural iron ore mines of the Mesabi Iron Range. As the natural ore was depleted in the late 50’s, Johnson Moore began doing road work and site preparation.  In 1956, Hoover Construction Co. was incorporated as the construction arm of Johnson Moore under the Leadership of Peter J. Johnson. In time, Hoover Construction prospered and grew while Johnson & Moore faded away.

Today, Hoover Construction Co. is a highway/heavy grading contractor. The primary geographic area of work is the Arrowhead region of Northeastern Minnesota, with some work in Michigan, Northern Wisconsin, and Colorado. A typical job for Hoover Construction is a large excavation project, primarily highways, airports, earth dams, and commercial industrial sites.

The company has developed drilling and blasting as a specialty. All types of drilling and blasting are done by Hoover, including mass rock excavation, structure excavation for footings, foundations and pipe trenches, and quarries.  Forty percent of Hoover’s work load is public highway work. The company work force varies with the workload and season. Typically, the company employs between 100 and 150 employees. The annual work volume varies but on an average year, 8-12 projects will be under contract varying in size up to $20 million.  Hoover Construction Co. is a family owned business. Peter G. “Chipper” Johnson, PE, is the current President and is the third generation to own and operate Hoover Construction Co.